House Rules

Current house rules. All house rules are under GM discretion.

-The Rule on House Rules-

House Rules are set by the GM and can be changed as needed. Players can submit house rules for consideration to the GM. The current play group can decide to discuss a current house rule. If put to a vote, the group can overturn a current house rule put forth by the GM or a player. Any rule submitted by a player will undergo the same discussion with the current play group after being reviewed by the GM but before being implemented into play.

-New Rules-

The Force is with Us: At level up a player may expend a force point. The player may add the result of this roll to their HP roll. The used force point is deducted from the new force point total for the players level up. (Example: A player going from level 2 to 3 decides to use this rule. The player rolls for their normal HP based on their class then a D6 for the force point and adds the total of both rolls to their HP. Their total force points for their new level is then 2 (normally 3 but 1 expended for the level up) )

GM Rulings
  • Banned Force Powers
    • Fold Space
  • New Feats
    • Dueling-
    • Advanced Dueling-
    • Master Dueling-
  • New Items
  • New Force Powers
  • New Species

Some tips for character creation

Here you can find some example characters to help you with ideas. These characters may show up as allies, contacts or anything else! Players should feel free to look them over or even use them as quick play characters. Game Masters are free to use these characters in anyway they see fit.


Below is a list of possible campaigns. Players should feel free to read over anything in this section without fear of spoilers. Other GMs should also feel free to have a look and leave comments. If you have questions, send me a message and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.

The campaigns are broken up by eras of play. If you dont see your favorite era feel free to let me know. These are the eras I feel most comfortable GMing but if players want to explore a new era I am willing to atleast try.

Campaigns are designed to play out like a season of a tv show with each session being a episode. I am looking into play and campaign length and would love to hear back from other GMs. As it stands each campaign is 11 sessions. The first session being about character building, player introductions and a tutorial of rules and combat. After that sessions are designed to be once a week with campaigns taking ten weeks total. Sessions are designed to be about 3-5 hours (this hasn’t been play tested and should be taken with a grain of salt). Currently campaigns are also designed to move quickly as some feedback I have gotten from my current play group is not being able to play high level characters.

+ denotes campaigns and eras with a limit on jedi characters

x denotes a “darkside” campaign

campaigns are currently in chronological order

Quick note on art- I am a terrible artist. Therefore, NONE of the art you see in my wiki is my own. If you recognize any of your art simply contact me and I will be more then happy to take it down or post credit if you like. Because I can not verify the artists on all of the art I will not credit any. Please don’t sue me, I am just a poor college student. That being said, all of the art belongs to their individual owners as well as all copy rights and I take no credit and am not using them in any copyrighted way. I am in no way claiming or naming any of the characters featured in the art. The art is used to represent characters I have created to the best ability I could find.

Star Wars RPG Saga Edition: House Rules