Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

  • Min Level- 7th
  • Talents- Evasion
  • Feats- Linguist
  • Skills- Knowledge: Galactic Lore, Perception

Game Rule Info:

  • Hit Points: At each level up a treasure hunter gains 1d6 hp + their Constitution modifier
  • Force Points: The Treasure Hunter gains a number of Force Points equal to 6 + 1 half their character level rounded down every time they gain a new level in this class.

Class Features:

  • Defense Bonuses: At 1st level you gain a +4 class bonus to your Reflex Defense and a +2 to Will and Fort Defenses
  • Talents: Treasure hunters may chose talents from the Skill Challenge Tree, Superior Skill Tree, Fortune Talent Tree, or the Treasure Hunter Talent Tree (below)
  • Trap Sense: You gain a bonus to any skill you use to detect traps equal to your class level. Anytime you set off a trap you gain a bonus to which ever defense the trap targets equal to your class level. If you are hit or other wise affected by a trap you gain a number of temporary hp equal to your class level.
  The Savage
  Level  BAB  Class Features
  1      +0   Defesne Bonuses, Talent, Trap Sense +1
  2      +1   Trap Sense +2
  3      +2   Talent, Trap Sense +3
  4      +3   Trap Sense +4
  5      +4   Talent, Trap Sense +5

Treasure Hunter Talent Tree

Treasure Hunter

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