Savage, primitive, barbarian. What ever you call them, you know them when you see them. And everyone knows to say out of their way. Many people tend to look down on the savage…until they see them enter combat…


  • Min Level- 7th
  • Feats- May not have proficiency with any weapon groups other then simple, exotic, or advanced melee
  • Skills- May not be trained in the following: Pilot, Mechanics, Knowledge, or Use Computer

Game Rule Info:

  • Hit Points: At each level up a savage gains 1d12 hp + their Constitution modifier
  • Force Points: The Savage gains a number of Force Points equal to 6 + 1 half their character level rounded down every time they gain a new level in this class.

Class Features:

  • Defense Bonuses: At 1st level you gain a +4 class bonus to your Reflex Defense and a +2 to Will Defense
  • Talents: Savages may choose talents from the Survivor, Weapon Specialist, or Savage Fighter talent trees (listed below)
  • Close the Gap: When you charge you may add a number of squares to your charge equal to half your class level. You may also add this bonus to your damage and to hit rolls when you charge.
  The Savage
  Level  BAB  Class Features
  1      +1   Defesne Bonuses, Talent
  2      +2   Close the Gap +1
  3      +3   Talent
  4      +4   Close the Gap +2
  5      +5   Talent
  6      +6   Close the Gap +3
  7      +7   Talent
  8      +8   Close the Gap +4
  9      +9   Talent
  10     +10  Close the Gap +5

Savage Warrior talent tree

  • Heart of Darkness: You gain a bonus to your melee damage equal to your number of dark side points. If your dark side points exceeds your Wisdom score, you deal an additional die of damage on top of this bonus.
  • Pure of Heart: As long as your dark side point total is lower then your wisdom modifier you gain a number of temporary hit points at the start of each day equal to your wisdom modifier. If you have no dark side points you gain a number of temporary hit points at the start of each day equal to your wisdom score on top of this bonus.
  • Forceful Attacks: You gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to the number of force points you currently have.


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