Lines in the Sand

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars rage on with no end in sight. With the revealing and the destruction of the Malevolence the Republic fears a new type of war may be on the horizon, a arms race they are already behind. With this in mind a group of senators draft a bill to allow new research and more funds to be funneled into the Republic Department of Weapons Development (RDWD). With the help of the Chancellor and support from other senators the bill was pushed though. The same group quickly set to work on a bill allowing non-jedi, non-clone combatants to enter the war on the Republics side. Many voiced fear of a draft but all signs pointed to the bill being by volunteer only. It also included a section allowing non-violent but convicted criminals to join the war effort on behalf of the Republic in exchange for commuted sentences.

With this flurry of legislation the Republic saw a new spark of life in their war efforts. New recruits joined (mostly at officer levels), skilled and well connected convicts joined giving the republic new and interesting options, and a host of new weapons and ships went into development. The first fruit of this labor was a simple design, a ship named The Protagonist. Other weapons would come later but the simplistic design of The Protagonist would serve it well over the course of the war.

A special crew was selected for the first of the Republic “super weapons”. You have been selected at part of this crew. Jedi, clone, officer, or convict the crew must work together or end up being just another failed Republic experiment. Below you will find the dossier of various important crew members and other associated with the ship. Below that you will find a list of missions. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

  • The Senators
    • Vil Hannser (human)
    • Lysire Tavira (human f)
    • Areta Nootka (duro)
    • Lishin (moncal f)
    • Nolt Eth (zaberak)
  • The Clones
    • Commander CC-3001 “Ring”
    • Captain CC-4277 “Decoy”
  • Jedi
  • Convicts
    • Darven Notsil
    • Honi Sarkin
    • Dack Etison
  • Civilians
List of Sessions
  1. The New Battle for Telos IV
  2. Reap and Sow
  3. Shepherds
  4. Ark of the Republic
  5. One Shots
  6. Highest Bidder
  7. Saber Rattling
  8. To Serve the Republic
  9. Ideals
  10. Full Circle

Lines in the Sand

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