Glorified Delivery

Star Wars: Rebellion Era

The Clone Wars are over. The Jedi are dead and gone. The Force is a outdated religion that is banned by the state. There is only the Empire. In a few short years after the Clone Wars the new Galactic Empire spreads like a plague across the galaxy. Legions of white armored stormtroopers march across countless worlds. Those who do not join by choice are taken by force.

Coruscant has changed. It has gone from a bustling world of lights to a dark planet of powerlessness. The Empire has driven many, mostly non-humans, to the brink of living. Even under the tight security of the Empire and the fear everyone feels crime is up and the streets are no longer safe. The world is dying and everyone but the Emperor knows it.

The ideas of heroes in the minds of the people has changed. A hero is anyone brave enough to stand up to the boys in white. A lightsaber and magical powers are no longer needed, anyone willing to fight is hero enough. But as some people find, in these dark times not everyone volunteers to be a hero.

List of Sessions
  1. Meeting your Outlaws
  2. Blockade Running
  3. Defective Defection
  4. Armed and Inept
  5. Rehab Rebel
  6. Rebel Radio
  7. Checkmate and King Me
  8. Fallen Saber
  9. Stopped in the Name of Love
  10. Flatfooted

Glorified Delivery

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